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Who we are

We are a team of designers and engineers, driven by creativity. After years of custom developing marketing materials for a wide range of clients and industries, we became frustrated with amount of time being lost to miscellaneous tasks other than design. We decided that there had to be a better way to work, and spend more time doing what we love and less time wasted. Talking to hundreds of other freelance designers, we found that we all all share the same problems. Hours wasted finding good projects, writing proposals, quoting the same things over and over for new clients, as well as doing tons of prep work on projects that you may end up losing to low bidders who are far less qualified for the job. Then to top it all off, dealing with clients that rush you to get work done last minute, and then take forever to pay. Clients that haggle over price, even though they are getting far more value then are paying for. Run of revisions, that go on far too long, and ruin the entire time budgeted for the project. You get the idea... we deal with a lot of stuff other than design.

What we do

We made it our mission to create a better way. To spend more time doing great work, and as little as possible on aggravations. What we ended up creating is a new process for freelance design that works great from small to mid size businesses that are not quite ready to budget for complete one-on-one custom development. Clients that want to improve their image, look professional, and do so within a midrange budget. The solution we came up with turned out to be something that helps not only us, but all of you creative designers just like us, that want an easier way to work, spend more time designing, and earn more per hour.

Welcome to become a part of our new line of on-line design marketplaces. We are still making improvements and will be adding a ton of great features over the coming months to streamline the process further. You no longer compete against other bidders who try to win based on simply under bidding projects. Instead, you designs do all the work. The better your work, the more sales you will have. It's that simple. The way it should be.

The people behind the magic

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