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Custom Photography Marketplace Now Open for Photographers

Greetings creatives! We are happy to announce that our new marketplace for photographers is now in Alpha testing stage (PhotoSolutionz.com). To use it, you can sign-up here at www.pageimagine.com. From your account you will now be able to “List new photography concepts”.

PhotoSolutionz.com is a totally new way to sell your photography services. Instead of waiting for clients to contact you, you show off your best work and clients "buy into" your particular style of photography. No bidding, quotes, writing proposals, and trying to negotiate prices. Focus on mastering particular styles of your photography and feature them as example Concepts.

Clients browse thru all the available concepts and choose the look that fits their particular needs. When a client orders a style from your listings, you then custom shoot an image in the same style for the client. No brainstorming new concepts, no worrying about whether the client will like what you present. Since they already bought into a specific style, they know exactly what to expect, and you know the exact way to get that shot since it's a style you are already skilled at shooting. Simple, fast, and effective. You can complete more projects in less time, and earn more per hour since all of your time goes toward your art. Your clients are more confident ordering because they know exactly what a particular shot will cost them, and how it will look.

For each listing: you can specify a title, and a complete description of the type of image and what a client can expect if they were to order it. Version 1 of our pricing system is now also in place. You can set the pricing based on how many images will be delivered to the client from that particular style. For example: you may have the first image requiring $250 because you need to cover setup time, etc. to get that particular look. Additional images shot at the same time in similar style may be less. So 5 images may be $350, 10 may be $450… and so on. It’s up to you how you choose to price your work. You can upload multiple images within 1 listing to show a range of angles a client can expect in that style, and you can post as many different listings as you wish. ( different styles should be listed as separate listings so customers can choose the “look” that fits their needs)

There is no limit to the number of listings you can post. Focus on quality, and styles that you are comfortable shooting repetitively. The idea is to let the quality of your work show and let that sell your services. Just think about how a client might use your images and what a particular style might be worth to them. ( Categorizing functionality will be added soon to help you organize the different styles you offer).

There is no cost for artists to use the PageImagine freelance design platforms. We are working on a fee structure where we will deduct a percentage of an order when a customer actually purchases. So unless you sell something, you pay nothing to use our designer platforms. Another way that we hope to make your life easier as a freelancer. At this time the fee percentage is something we are open to discussing and working out a fair win-win structure that assures you are paid well. As part of this testing stage we are welcoming artist feedback on pricing structure that you would like to see. Our goal is to work with you to create a powerful new way for you to earn from your creativity. Keep us posted on any problems you encounter, and your suggestions for improvements.

We are targeting mainly commercial clients first so keep in mind what kind of businesses can use your photography. Corporate head-shots, architectural photography, product photography, packaging images, products in use (lifestyle photographs) , etc. are likely to be popular with businesses. That does not mean you are limited to business customers, and can post other styles as well. It will take some time as we get the platform rolled out to paying customers so feel free to experiment at this stage with whatever images you already have and feel free to let us know about problems and suggestions.

We look forward to seeing your work flourish!

Thank you!