Design Development Guidelines

Please keep the following in mind when developing designs

Post great designs

We love to design, and know that many of you share our passion for creativity. The Pageimagine design marketplaces are focused on delivering incredible designs by talented creatives just like you. We want our freelancers to be the highest paid designers on the web and be rewarded for great work. Remember to always post your best designs examples for sale. Outstanding designs grab the attention of clients, earn thier business, and earn you ongoing income from repeat orders. Great designs that truly helps businesses look good and grow are the key to your ongoing sucess.

Begin posting a new design concept

Follow posting specifications

Follow the guidelines below to assure your designs fit into our product system and deliver a consistent level of quality to clients worldwide. You have the freedom to create for a wide range of business industries, but we do ask that you keep the following details in mind when creating designs that will be sold in our marketplaces:

Post only original designs

Please post only designs that you have created and you have the copyrights to. Our goal is to promote great designs and great designers, and this means original work that is exclusively listed on our marketplaces. Please do not post work that you have posted on other sites as that devalues the product and hurts the confidence our buyers have in our designers. If you have posted work on other marketplaces, be sure to create unique new versions before posting them here for sale.

If you need help, or run into any problems: please email us

Create designs as matching sets
that a potential business can use together

The reason business purchase your designs are to help improve their image, and increase sales. A business will rarely need only 1 item such as a business card. Most need at least a few supporting pieces such as brochures, or postcards, and a website. Keep this in mind when you are creating your design concepts. For each design, we strongly encourage you to post a full set of matching items including business card design, letterhead, envelope, postcard, flier, tri-fold brochure, large half-fold brochure, and an example web-page design. When a buyer can see how their business will look professional across all their marketing materials, they begin to see how their business will benefit from your designs. Creating a creative set of coordinating pieces will help you bring in more sales for your work.

Polish your presentation

You have great designs, and you want them to be seen as such. Take the time to present each example in a consistent and professional style. We allow you freedom to be creative in your presentation style as long as the approach is professional and upholds the quality levels our clients expect. You can upload one or multiple images for each piece in your design set.

Please size your image to 1170 x 800 pixels, and use a high quality jpg format for best quality. You may use a white or filled background, and feature your example piece in the image in a way to conveys to the buyer what they will receive. the use of drop shadows, or other subtle details can be used to enhance the effect. Use your artistic judgement to display the work as best you can. Remember, quality, quality, quality design. That's what you should focus on and what will help your work sell.

If you need help, or run into any problems: please email us