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It’s simple and free to become a designer. Sign-up, and create your profile. Check off which categories you like to create designs for and begin posting designs for sale.

Post design concepts for sale

Design concepts are like templates that convey buyers your design ideas. The easiest place to start is with leftover drafts you may have from custom projects. It's best to show what a set of matching pieces will look like including a business card, letterhead, flyer, postcard, brochure etc. This helps clients visualize how your design will look when used across all their marketing materials.

Customize designs

Let's take an example: A client likes the business card design you have listed for accounting firms, and orders it. They will upload the text content and any other details they want on their card. You then edit the design to feature the client’s information and upload the draft for review. When an order comes in, you don't start from scratch, and you don't have to develop multiple drafts. Instead, you go directly to customizing the exact design concept you already posted with the client's content. We allow up to 3 rounds for corrections and the project is done. Client is happy becacuse they already knew what the final design will look like, and your job is far easier because you don't have to figure out what style the client has in thier mind. Both parties have clear expectations making the process quick, simple, and stress free!

We take care of all production work

Once the client approves the final design, you upload the press-ready high resolution design for production. We take it from there and handle all the press printing and ship finished business cards to the client. The client does not have to figure out print specifications, html, etc. We provide you clear specifications for each product so you don't have confusion from clients who do not understand printing and webdev technical details. In the case of web sites, we handle the programming and hosting of the live site for the client. You simply focus on the design and we take care of the rest.

Less work. Less stress.

We want you to focus on being creative and deliver exceptional designs to clients. You don't have to deal with any proposals, bidding, competing against other designers, finding clients, dealing with billing, collections, customer service, etc. Since clients buy into a look you already created, you do not have to start from scratch each time and develop new drafts. You go directly to customizing the layout you already created with client content. Projects complete 60-80% faster, and with far less stress.

Earn More

We believe great designers should be paid well. You earn every time you customize an order for a client. You earn again when a client reruns an order that does not require you to customize again. For websites, you continue to earn each month as long as the client has thier site with us. The more work you have completed, the more recurring income you have coming in from previously completed projects.

Payment Protection

Clients pay at the start of each of order so you are assured of getting paid for each project. You don’t have to do any invoicing, or chase clients to get paid. Our payment system provides peace of mind for designers and buyers.

What does it cost?

$0. Pageimagine marketplaces are about helping talented designers earn great income from creating great designs for clients. We do not charge you to participate, as that would take away from your income. It’s free to join and free to contribute designs for sale. There is no bidding, no underbidding to win customers. Our entire work flow is about helping you work with less stress and be paid well for your creative work. Our system is driven by quality designs and motivating you to continue to improve. The better your work, the more clients & income you can earn.

How much can I earn?

Our goal is to help you earn more per hour, with less stress; to create tons of great designs, without tons of wasted drafts. Here is our current list of designer earnings for each of the following types of design customization: ( All prices are in US dollars)

Customization Income

The most common income on our platforms comes from new orders. A client orders one of your designs, and you then customize it for them. Remember, you do not start from scratch with each order. You already know what design the client likes, and only have to customize it with their content.

Recurring Income

You also earn money when the same client reorders the same exact design again. Even if they do not request any new customizing, you earn the same amount again! The more designs you have completed, the more of this will start to earn as buyers run out of the prints and need to re-order.

Your earnings Customization type
$25-50 Business card
$100-200 Logo Design
$100-200 Tri-fold brochure
$Base + Monthly * Web page layout
$Base + Monthly * Web dev
$User set Custom Photography
Your earnings Customization type
$80-160 Double sided flier
$30-60 Letterhead
$30-60 Envelope
$100-200 Poster Design
$100-200 Half-fold brochure
$100-2500 Motion Graphics

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